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A responsive website means the content will be tailored to the reader's screen resolution. Whereas all the contents can be viewed on a desktop computer, only the most important information is presented when viewed on a small pad or smartphones in a resized resolution. This is especially important because studies have shown that the majority of the asia population relies on smartphones to browse the net, and a easy to navigate website will win against competitions. 

Mitralhouse delivers fully responsive web design solutions in Hong Kong consistent with high standard websites.
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search engine optimization 

Search Engine Optimization

Having a website is not enough if it doesnt comes up in any search engines when people type in relevant keywords.
Our websites are optimized for search engines:

  1. Internal Optimization
  2. External Optimization
  3. Pay per click
  4. Social networks marketing
Website Functions Available
  • Event Calendar Programming

    Event Calendar Programming

    Display event dates, registration, payment, sort events by categories, order meals and car parks.

  • photo gallery programming

    Photo Gallery Programming

    Allow users to create and publish their photos/media files in real time for display in the web

  • News Feed Programming

    News Feed Programming

    Publishing news and blogs of your current business, with various styles and layouts plus RSS feeds

  • Online Booking programming

    Online Booking Programming

    Appointment bookings online with preset available slots and resources

  • Google Maps Programming

    Google Maps Programming

    Using Google Maps not only allow direction search for visitors, but also increase online presence even if people are not visiting your website.

  • Live Support Programming

    Live Support Programming

    For instant support, allow visitors to connect with your staffs to answer any questions

  • Event Calendar Programming Events
  • Photo Gallery Programming Gallery
  • News Feed Programming News
  • Online Booking Programming Book
  • Google Maps Programming Maps
  • Live Support ProgrammingSupport
Content Management Systems - Edit your info in real time
content management system
Web Hosting and Maintenance

We provide continuous support for applications, website content management, server hosting and other functionality issues. We also provide reliable and fast hosting as well as post production marketing. 
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