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human immunodeficiency virus   doctor 3d render large   wearable diagnostic device drawing large  
Human Immunodeficiency Virus Cocktail Therapy   Bio 3D Printing Heart Animation   Wearable Medical Device Animation 3D  
Concept animation for the International AIDS community, demonstrating the importance of early cocktail therapy and drug compliance in the treatment for HIV. This is an artwork predicting the future of 3D printing, tribute to our active investigation into techniques of cells and organ printing around the world. An animation predicting the future of medical wearables, where essential information can be transmitted wirelessly to smart devices.  
virus 3d large   3d burger advertisement   female 3d anatomy boxing large  
3D Virus Animation Burger advertisment animation Female Anatomy 3D Boxing Animation  
A short animation showing realistic transparent render of a virus in an authentic explosion. Advertisement for a Massive Burger Concept. The task was to make a burger that is succulent and juicy while showing it is massive. Concept art of bio-medical visualization showing the beauty of human anatomy in a young female for a sports animation.  
frugal science large   nerve   centrifuge medical animation large  
Frugal Science Renewable Energy Illustration Animation Nanorobot Nerve Repair Animation 3D Medical Device Centrifuge Animation  
A short animation showing the concept of Frugal Science, where technology is achieved using available resources. This is a future concept scientific medical animation, in which nano-robots can home in on problematic area to perform microsurgery, in this case repair of a severed nerve. An animation for a medical device showing a simplified concept of centrifuge where lost red blood cells are retained for recycling purpose during surgery.  
dna 3d large   dual chamber pacemaker animation large   processor  
DNA 3d Animation Dual Chamber Pacemaker MRI Compatible 3d Animation Hypercomputer / Hypercomputation
A DNA short animation to test different 3D modelling techniques. The 3D DNA is made using an artistic-metallic-mechanical approach. 3D medical animation demonstrating the newer class of MRI compatible dual-chamber pacemakers that are not affected by magnets. Concept artwork for non-Turning / super-Turing mode of computation.Where a computer goes beyond the normal models of computation.