Medical Graphic & Animation

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Medical Illustrations

medical equipment illustrationOur team is one of the few in asia to provide medical graphics and illustrations. We are also unique where all graphics are drawn by both doctors and graphic designers trained in medical illustrations, which ensure accuracy and usability, with a peripheral team of supporting staffs including registered nurses, programmers, marketing and advertising staffs.

Our works are mainly used for:

  • Providing graphic resources to aid in publication of materials
  • Designing and printing medical and scientific posters
  • Photographs that capture the interplay of clinical, personal, scientific, and social factors within the field of medicine
  • Medical/Scientific Poster Design/Printing
  • Events

 breast cancer illustration  nasopharyngeal carcinoma illustration

Medical Animations

Mitralhouse provides illustrative 3D medical illustrations that can be realistic or explanative. They are used for pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology companies, television, major clinics and cosmetic companies

  3d heart render metal
  Skin Cross Section with Acne Formation Botox Injection for Crow's Feet

Our arts are commissioned for various production formats including online digital usage, learning programs, exhibits, editorials and other advertising printing.

Our target clients:

Medical & Surgical



Cosmetics & Beauty

Educational & Scientific community

Magazines and Advertising

Commissioned graphics ranges from:

Simple line sketch, simple painting techniques, stylized techniques, brush techniques, CG techniques