About Us

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We are dedicated to provide top medical and scientific imaging that is at the forefront of researches every month. Our in-house studio is being formed by 2 medical doctors with animation and cinematography skills, scientists, illustrators and supporting staffs. Chances are, we understand about your complex work before you find us, from Boltzmann’s brain to the latest stem cells and novel drug research, Graphite and Europa to ongoing ecological issues and cutting-edge medical equipments. We are currently based in Hong Kong and China with international clients

Take a look at our illustrations and animations, and you will find our work unique. We aim to provide:

breast cancer illustration1. Highly informative graphics
2. Scientifically accurate materials through extensive ressearch
3. The latest scientific concepts in the community that is difficult to find somewhere else
4. Cinematic, Memorable, Stylish or Metaphorical approaches
5. Within budget
6. On time services and cater for last minute changes
7. Simplify complex ideas
8. Presentation ready in all media formats

Our versatility means we provide a wide range of possibilities from accurate and explanatory work to shock and wow advertisements.

Feel free to contact us for commissioned work.

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